Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association

Chairman's Message

Statement of Chairman of Board


Our target is ''Digital Transformation'' in 2021

 The current pandemic has been tough on all of us. We have seen how delicate that our lives are. We have also witnessed the changing  habits of our business community. Our association is the roof union of nine sub-sectors, including aluminum, copper, kitchenware, industrial kitchen, building materials, metal hardware, molding, welding materials, and metal packaging. After facing with various adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, our industry representatives decided to make international trade more resistant to external influences. While we are unable to meet in a physical environment, we have developed many zoom sessions and webinars to connect and keep doing our bussinesses. Digital marketing, virtual trade teams, and virtual fairs and online b2b trade talks started to direct the trade activities during the pandemic era.


To be able to operate under the challenging conditions of the pandemic, we recently created a new project called Trade 365 to carry out export transactions with foreign buyers uninterrupted on online platforms. We have totally 6 platforms for our sub-sectors to visit which are , , , , , . We also successfully established virtual b2b teams to conduct all the trading activities online and organized 11 Virtual Trade Delegations to 31 countries so far.


"Creating new centers of attraction” and “raising green awareness” are among the goals of our sector this year. Despite the pandemic, our ferrous and non-ferous sector has completed 2020 with exports to 209 countries for $8.4bn 51% of which is done to European Union member states.

During January-May, 2021, our export has increased by 48% to $4.6bn compared to the same period of the last year, with the revival of the world economy. During this period our subsectors have experienced increased of 39% in aluminum, 66% in copper, 48% in cast materials, 43% in welding materials, 21.6% in metal packaging, 54% in kitchenware, 57% in hardware and 46% in construction materials.

We will continue to provide our world standard products to all our customers in the world with competitive prices and fast, while building long term partnerships with mutual benefit principle.

While ending my words, as the İstanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters’ Association, I would like to remind purchasers that have not assessed Turkey as a supplier option that we are here to provide all the support we can to support them.

I wish all our international partners a healthy year on behalf of our Board of Directors.