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About Aluminium Sector

With lightness and 100% recyclability, use of aluminum rapidly increases mainly in construction, automotive, packaging, defense and aviation industries. In addition to industries that have higher importance in the recent times such as health and energy, it is also frequently used in new generation vehicles and structures. On the other hand its area of use increases not only in industry but in our daily lives.

The most significant data that gives a feel of the size of the sector is the number of active companies and the employment they create. About 1500 companies provide employment for over 30,000 employees. Industry has grown by 10% in the last decade and is leading the Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals Sector with 35% share.

Aluminum sector provides inputs as products and semi products in Turkish industry and provides sustainability for economy. Having a supportive role in continuity of production, Aluminum industry provides industries where Turkey is in the lead such as defense, automotive and construction.