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Explore Turkish Kitchenware Sector!


About Kitchenware Sector

General Kitchenware sector, contains a wide range including;

  • Wooden tableware and kitchenware,
  • Glass tableware and kitchenware,
  • Souvenir and ornaments
  • Small electrical household appliances,
  • Metal tableware and kitchenware,
  • Plastic tableware and kitchenware,
  • Porcelain, faience and ceramic tableware and kitchenware, and
  • Industrial Kitchenware.

In foreign marketing activities and foreign mediums, “Industrial Kitchenware” is promoted with “Turkish Horeca Equipment” Turkey brand and “House and Kitchenware” is promoted with “Turkish Kitchenware” and “Turkish Houseware” brands by our Union and efforts are made to reinforce the brand presence in foreign markets.

Turkish House and Kitchenware sector exports to over 200 countries with 4700 exporting companies and 90 thousand employees and made the Turkey the 9th highest exporting country in the world. Turkish House and Kitchenware sector actively participated major fairs held in Europe, Asia and USA and closely follows latest trends, fashion and technology for over 25 years.

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