IMMIB Industrial Design Competitions

 IMMIB-Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters' Association is a semi governmental non profit establishment affiliated to Ministry of Trade. Our main goal is to assist our member companies in their export activities. IMMIB has been organizing Industrial Design Contest for the last 15 years and we are proud to say that IMMIB is the leading establishment for supporting and encouraging innovative industrial design. Our aim is to develop high value-added products in Turkish metal, plastic goods and electric-electronic small household goods sector, and to increase their competitive power in the world market.

For the last fifteen years, the participation of nearly 4500 projects in total has been obtained; and more than 450 projects have been awarded so far. Winners are welcomed by IMMIB at various activities abroad such as fairs, courses and seminars. Since 2008, 49 designers were sent design master courses at major design academies abroad, and their training and living expenses have been covered by IMMIB and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade. The winners were also welcomed at Frankfurt Ambiente Fair, at IHHS Fair Chicago, Hong Kong Houseware Fair, Tendence Fair Frankfurt.

The contests are held in two categories: professional and student. In both categories, the participants are expected to develop novel and innovative product designs for the following three sector groups; Metal Products, Plastic Products, Electrical Products. 


Plastic and Metal Packaging Design Competition

Plastic and Metal Packaging Design Competition is organized by Istanbul Cosmetics and Cosmetic Products Exporters Association and İstanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters Association. The goal of the competition is to support the development of plastic and metal packaging products with added value, to help expand and motivate the reach of design activities, and to increase the competitive power of the industry in exports. 

In addition to the monetary awards, the winners were able to attend the most prestigious event of the sector namely the Emballage Fair in Paris. The expenses were covered by our Association. They will also benefit from a 2 year overseas education program including free tuition and living expenses with the Ministry of Trade quota alloted for competition winners.