Sectoral Cluster Projects

DECLARATION ON SUPPORTING THE DEVELOPMENT OF INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVENESS (2010/8) Development of Clustering Policies Project (DCP) has contributed a lot to raise awareness on Clustering, to develop a common language and led to preparation of pilot Clustering road maps. In line with its principle of sustainability adopted for each activity, the Ministry of Economy further develops these road maps by conducting higher levels of activities. The experience with Clustering has also been enjoyed by the Government Policies for Export Subsidies. In this respect, a support mechanism has been formed to ensure support for our institutions on every level of internationalization by the projects of cooperating institutions.  In this context, Declaration on Supporting the Development of International Competitiveness, focusing on the target market and target sector, was put into force on 23 September 2010. Within the scope of this project it has been planned to form an integrated support mechanism which allows the cooperation of project based training and / or counseling and employment programs, foreign marketing and procurement committee and personal counseling programs of our institutions within the framework of Clustering and project approach. The objective of the support mechanism is to provide assistance for the industrial and / or commercial institutions or the companies providing software Service to meet their expenditures on education and counseling Service for strengthening their competitiveness in international market and to meet the expenditures of the cooperating institutions for the projects approved by the Ministry of Economy.  For further information, please visit;