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Who is IDDMIB?

Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association, in meetings and workshops held with the representatives of leading companies and associations in the sector, evaluates suggestions and activities to improve exports, carries out studies to be implemented, and finds solutions by identifying the problems experienced in the sectors.

As the Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association, our studies and general scopes regarding our sub-sectors are as follows.

  • Organizing national participation organizations in the world's leading sectoral fairs,
  • Trade/Buying delegations and market research,
  • To provide trainings that our companies need for foreign markets,
  • By organizing R&D Project Market and Design Competitions, bringing industrialists, academicians, students and entrepreneurs together in innovative and progressive projects, to ensure that our sector gains new values.
  • Preparing sectoral and country-based reports for our members,
  • Organizing sectoral UR-GE projects and meetings

Our Sub-Sectors;

  • Aluminum
  • Armature
  • Copper
  • Casting
  • Home and Kitchenware
  • Metal Packaging
  • Metal Hardware
  • Construction materials

Promotional-information brochures, magazines and catalogs covering sub-sectors and the activities of the Association are prepared by the relevant sector experts, and seminars and trainings are organized with experts in their fields in order to inform our members about new developments. On the other hand, we continue to work towards designing value-added products and adding value for the future by increasing the perception of design in our country with İMMİB Industrial Design Competitions and Plastic and Metal Packaging Design Competitions.

In this direction, in order to reach the export target of 25 billion dollars, which fell to our Association in the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, the Metals Sector Branch participates in the “Breakthrough in Export” projects put forward by the Ministry of Commerce and other authorized institutions of the State, and continues to work with our member companies. In this context, the work on the Support for the Development of International Competitiveness Project, carried out under the coordination of the Ministry of Trade, has started, and our affiliates will continue in similar projects in order to increase our exports.

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You can watch our promotional video by clicking on the link in order to examine our association and its services and to get to know it better.
As the Association, we organize 'Special Qualified' purchasing committees by inviting companies with high sectoral purchasing power from abroad to bilateral business meetings simultaneously with the fairs of our sub-sectors held in Turkey, and by inviting senior managers of foreign companies determined for certain sectors in Turkey.
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With the development and action workshops it organizes, İDDMİB creates strategies for the sectors to reach their 2023 targets and for the development of exports.
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Within our association, we organize national participation activities in prestigious foreign fairs for the Aluminum, Armature, Copper, Casting, Industrial Kitchen, Metal Packaging, Hardware and Construction Materials sectors in our sub-sectors in order to improve the export capacities of our companies, increase their competitiveness and increase the customer portfolio in target markets.
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